The right experts for your company
whatever the size or needs

FASTUP is an innovative start-up bringing together independant consultants
with high added value for SMEs and larger companies

Our expertise in a variety of areas, an innovative and connected approach of consultancy as well as a simple business model makes it a reference to tackle our clients needs.

Our approach

a network of
first-rate consultants

with a validated experience

Centralized Project management

by a dedicated experts team

An innovative
online platform

to ensure optimal monitoring of your projects

Our fields of expertise

Our experts intervene according to the missions and needs as director, manager, consultant, coach or assistant.
Our interventions can occur on an ad hoc basis or over the long term.

Digital Transformation

Digital Marketing, CRM, Sales 2.0

Project Management

AGILE Organization

Digital Tech

Communication, Advertising

Legal, Logistics, Environment

The benefits of our innovative approach

A Single Point of Contact

In order to provide personalized follow-up and to meet the needs and challenges of our customers, our coordination team members are attentive to our clients' every consultancy needs whatever the timing of their projects.

An alternative to recruitment... No notice of dismissal

Get one or more in-house experts for a fraction of the cost of an employee. No recruitment fees, no notice of dismissal and the guarantee of an immediately operational person.

A modern and innovative platform to monitor your projects

We provide our clients with a simple and powerful online platform to express their needs and allow centralized management of every projects they have

An offer dedicated to SMEs

In order to meet SMEs' specific needs, we flexibly make one or more experts available to them from half a day per month. Our flexible subscription system allows optimal cost distribution.

A team dedicated to your projects

We provide our customers with a single contact who takes care of the qualification of needs, the selection of experts and the operational follow-up of missions via high-performance tools.

The FASTUP guarantee

All of our experts are highly qualified and have the appropriate experience. Shouldn't it meet your expectations? We replace the expert or cancel the assignment at no cost.

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