Our expertise dedicated to
our clients' performance

FASTUP experts use the latest methodologies, master state-of-the-art digital tools
and are all trained in AGILE project management to deliver
the best marketing, sales and digital performance to our clients.

Develop the brand image

Today, digital marketing requires that companies include the “user journey” in their marketing plan to be effective. We assist companies in the creation of their digital marketing plan and concrete actions as well as in the design and deployment of communication campaigns on social networks.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is a “nice to have” for a modern marketing team. FASTUP deploys automation solutions that allow you to increase your campaigns tenfold, qualify and reach prospects more effectively, and achieve a higher return on investment.

Leads generation

Lead generation is the marketing process of capturing interest in a product or service in order to develop sales pipelines. Our experts design strategies and run modeled campaigns to attract and convert strangers into marketing leads.

Customer activation

Companies must design the customer journey from prospect to customer ambassador. Developing relationships with customers throughout their journey is the key to generating the most business results. We provide various “Customer Activation Programs” including non-intrusive emailing, games/contests, loyalty programs,…

web & mobile development

Whether you want to design conversion landing pages or specialized business applications, your digital strategies need the right tools with the right features. We design modern websites, conversion-oriented mini-product sites as well as web and mobile applications for our clients according to the best market standards.

Customer experience

The effectiveness of a customer relationship depends on one key factor: the Customer Experience. Customer satisfaction is paramount to business performance. We support you in modeling and optimizing efficient customer journeys, in improving customer contact points, whether they are digital or physical.

You already have a marketing/sales action plan and digital tools and want to benchmark them against best practices?

We have developed a "digital performance audit" specially designed for SMEs

Experts to cover all your digital needs

Our internal and external teams cover all digital needs.
And if we don't have the right talent on hand for your projects, we'll find it.

Discover below the profiles of the experts who make up the FASTUP team

Chief Digital Officer

Marketing Officer

Agile Team Leader

Project Manager

Scrum Master

Community Manager

Content Manager

Data Analyst

Front-end Developer

Back-end Developer


Ux Designer

Web Designer

CRM Specialist

SEO/SEM Specialist

You want to increase your marketing and sales performance?

Take advantage of our free 30-minute audit without any further commitment on your part.

Our free audit aims to discuss your issues and offer concrete advice to improve your digital marketing and sales performance.

During this audit we will have the opportunity to review :

  • Your marketing and sales challenges
  • Your current strategies
  • The tools you use
  • The objectives you would like to achieve
  • The first relevant recommendations to tackle your problems and  meet your objectives

At the end of this audit you will be able to get a first idea of our know-how and we will be able to evaluate if we can help you in your challenges.

And, if you wish, we will be able to send you a personalized commercial proposal for your SME.

Your advantages with this audit :

  • Save time in solving your problems
  • Evaluate if we are the right partner to help you in your challenges
  • Obtain, if needed, a precise commercial proposal adapted to your needs.

Take advantage of our free and zero-commitment offer!